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Dale Rothenberg

Lapland 2013 - 03B by Polly Bird Balitro on Flickr.

Loft of Stephen Antonakos.

UC Berkeley / Brenton Haslam

Michael Chrisman

Ernest Hemingway in the bar Floridita in Havana, unknown date.

Pite House and Copper House 2 by Smiljan Radic, Chilean architect and designer of the Serpentine Galleries Pavilion 2014. For the first event in the Serpentine Galleries Park Nights programme, Smiljan wil be in conversation with the Serpentine’s co-directors Julia Peyton-Jones and Hans Ulrich Obrist as part of the London Festival of Architecture.


When Lucas and I first started dating, my parents always thought it was just another stupid “relationship” thing I was doing and no matter how hard I tried to explain to them that it was different they were like “Really, it’s not like you’re gonna get married.” Which first of all, is ignorant, especially since they started dating at 16 and 17, but that’s beside the point. Now, they say stuff like “What are you gonna do when Lucas and you move in together?” And “Are you gonna act like that when you and Lucas are married with kids?” And even though they’re not necessarily using it in a positive manner it makes me feel really good because even they, once so close-minded to the idea of us even being together, know or at least believe that out relationship is much more than just a stupid little fling.

Anonymous asked
What are your favourite things to do with Lucas?


This is such a lovely question! Thank you for asking (is it obvious that no one ever messages me?)

Hmm. This is so difficult. I love anything I do with Lucas. But honestly, the most fun we ever have is when we are doing simple things. Like, hanging out in his room, watching movies or playing board games or just literally hanging out and talking to each other. I remember one time, we were laughing so ridiculously hard and I cannot even remember why. But we weren’t even doing anything. We were literally just laying in his bed and cracking up at each other. It’s stuff like that that’s the best things to me, I don’t know. It probably sounds really boring to a lot of people but nothings boring when you’re this in love. Lucas will read this and know the exact time that I’m talking about. He’s my best friend. Every time we’ve spent together is my favourite. It doesn’t matter what we’re doing.


Beata Chrzanowska Acrylic on canvas  2014

4bH6ACl7Tg2vgctrGlq1Za7so1_r1_400 by FRAPPS 4 DA TWEEN▲GE SOUL on Flickr.

Jamie Chung

I’ll always be proud of my Brazilian blood, even after this. But fuck, man. I couldn’t even keep watching. I had to walk away from my tv.